1. westminster here …i havent smoked since i was yound but it should be legalized..they should concentrate efforts on getting the meth off the streets…that shit is destroying people…

  2. @AIienSwarm Because Cali has medical is why it lost. We don't have it in MA. Why it's even more popular. People look at California medical in MA and say let's just legalize it…

  3. @ all you dissenting folk — did you look at the poll numbers? Legalization in MA was not defeated in a single precinct in which the measure appeared, and in many areas it led by over 20 percent. And the measure in CA was defeated by a fairly narrow margin given the fact that it was a MIDTERM ELECTION! There will be more support for it come 2012, not less. The question isn't should we legalize it, but how will we do it?

  4. @AIienSwarm Yes and yes. But I was when we did the same with decrim. Ballot Initiative, all we need is the money. The people here in MA support it. More than anywhere else in the states. Education and knowing the game…MA is next.

  5. I remeber as a kid simple possesion meant jail time. Drakonian laws written an enforced by the most zelous minds an pigs out there. I use the leagle sythetic called cesamet. Its long acting an does help alot with the pain. Problem though is its price. 400 bucks 60 caps. an i do 120 per month 4 daily. So you can see what they are doing to a common weed. You cant grow it or use it the way nature intended. First it has to be made into a drug form to be regulated. With bud its either good or bad.

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