1. Great interview! I LOVE the Future Cannabis Project, so I appreciate the crossover

    We gotta teach the cannabis community how to say the words "FOLIAGE" and "FOLIAR". Too many want to say "FOILAGE" and "FOILAR" for some reason
    Mr. Pedantic πŸ™‚

  2. Outstanding show and series Photo! Bryan is a joy to listen to and I like his background. I am a new farmer and going Organic from the start. Fits my sensibilities. I geek on gear, not nutrients. Subscribed as well. Organic is the future. I am watching to see how you use your new bed…is that the new direction?? not using individual pots, but a single large bed?? ….along for the ride.

  3. Where are you based? If you're looking for phenos then i might be able to help ya with that I've got about 12strains and i bred to put back all the variations that have been lost through selective breeding by backing crossing to the 1st! The original sk#1 but 4males, with all my favourites

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