1. Oh great now these assholes are flooding to regional areas and creating massive housing problems.
    You voted in a bunch of fuckwits and then abandoned your city and now your our regional problem?
    Our towns weren’t good enough for you before but now country folk in need have nowhere to live but your trashed overhyped expensive shithole?
    Melbournians should get last priority renting in regional areas, especially after the bushfires still so many displaced people that aught to be priority.

  2. “Particularly once foreign students return, the market will look better” so you’re saying we rely on communist payouts to our Confucius institutions to uphold our economy? Why not go one step further & admit you sold our economy out to foreign interests to implement a form of crony capitalism, socialism or crisis capitalism?

  3. Only 5 days! Businesses lost hundreds of thousands maybe never to open again. Are property price increases the only thing this country is concerned about. If bank interest rises again eventually then what.

  4. Who the hell would want to live in the belly of the beast the only reason I can see is that your just are addicted to chai latte and smashed avocado on toast lol iam in the west of Melbourne and iam looking to either escape to around Kerang in regional Victoria or up to Darwin with my brother Melbourne circling the drain

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