1. Indeed, indeed. May I contribute a personal experience and deduction. Late in life, I discovered my family's well-concealed link to a truly exotic ethnic group. Subsequently, I discovered some of the mutations that are prominently associated, most under the umbrella of auto-immune disorders. It appears, for example, that my mother's people were prosperous Portuguese or perhaps multi-racial who had to wrap their gold in quilts, grab the girls, and scoot. That was when the colonies began recognizing race as a grounds for slavery. They disguised their identity, changed their name and years later the buried secret manifested in mental illness and auto-immune disorders straight down the family lineage. That's my theory, anyway.

  2. Your video was so educational. I have been trying to look for an instructional video that educates the topics in this YouTube video. 👨‍⚕️ 🙌 The part at 1:17 is super smart. Your vid for sure reminds me of the videos from Doctor Ethan. Doctor's tips are really useful and I actually learned a lot for diet. He is an awesome med student!

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