1. I so wish I'd seen this a week ago! As you know mate, my first tent and light grow is happening alongside yours – I didn't end up giving this final haircut… well, not deliberately, and not early enough.

    I ended up having to cut some branches out because they'd just grown too close together and had caused some powdery mildew. To all viewers and people reading this – that's why you need airflow! I had to harvest about 25% of my plant early (which is still fine for oil), and of that 25%, I probably had to bin a quarter of that.

    Peace and love to you brother, and one question – one of your tallest, very prominent colas is leaning over at the end of the video. What do you think is causing that?

  2. Looking forward to the chop down vid of that stray puppy. She's looking for after that trim.

    Keep up the great work. If you are planning to do another vid serious this outdoor season, I wouldn't be surprised hit 6k-7k or more subs by the end. I'm absolutely pumped to do my first real outdoor grow this summer. Almost all my experience has been indoor hydro. All be rewatching last season's vids for sure.

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