1. LOL socks and sandals at 0:40!

    you topped those plants way, way, way late. there is absolutely no point in topping a plant in flower. and if you thought it was tough to get normal clones to root, it's twice as tough to get a flowering clone to root.

    those plants should have been lollipopped hardcore.

    flushing is, scientifically speaking, nonsense that accomplishes nothing.

    you're really only hoping for 50 to 100g per plant? 100g isn't even a quarter pound! and you say your plants are 10ft tall! that's pretty horrible bro.

  2. How did the cloning go when you added a humidity Dome. I've also had good success putting it in that root Hydro thingy with clear Solo cups sprayed with a Mist inside Solo Cup. I ordered seeds from a company in Canada hope they are legit

  3. The way I did it with the clones I have is pretty simple.. 45° cut at the bottom then I inserted that into a piece of aloe vera for a bit then into a Styrofoam cup( hole cut in the middle). Then I got another cup put a bit of water and had roots in about a week.. worked for me

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