1. I would quit shopping walmart & Sams for this but they provide cheapest pedigree dog food which is only thing I buy at Sams but where can u go where these rich a-holes won't screw employees? Nowhere!! I want to work in medical field where I know people there that support medical cannabis but even there an employee can get f!+$2d out of there job which they spent 20k+ in tuition to get there.

  2. unless you test positive for a DRUG!!! you should keep your job pots a plant so roses should be banned because they smell too damn good and people grow them without our govenment taxting them

  3. Yeah I thumbed it up, but I'll put it in my own words to show you how many people feel deeply about this. From Kentucky where its illegal but we do it anyway, FUCK YOU WAL – MART!!


  4. Before you judge others on how they medicate, I suggest you start with debating in proper english. Based solely on how you speak, it seems as if you have nothing higher than a 3rd grade education MrSTANDFORAMERICA. I would even guess that if you aren't just stupid, you're not from the U.S. if you speak the way you type. If you are from the U.S., you'd understand or forefathers used cannabis and believed nobody should be told what can or cannot be put into your body.

  5. @MrSTANDFORAMERICA Just wondering, but are you even from the United States? You have that name, yet you don't speak coherent english or spanish… something funny there. Before you start judging other people for how they medicate (don't even get me started on opiates and synthetic analogues) I suggest you learn how to debate properly, e.g. correct spelling and grammar, realistic counter points etc.

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