1. Well.. I'm hoping Monsanto hears this tip, its legitimately pro business. Okay, that's a lot of money and more effort. More than necessary, and I mean – just get a damn sustainability production line, figure out the feedback loops and parts of chaining your production line with pest management as well as what the level of crop loss can coincide with production, advertising, mean wages (like, as in all the costs summed together). Do some research on breeding crops to file together your drought and flood resistant crops (which, for what its worth.. there's tons of possibilities here and you can work with a figure of varying types of climate adapted crops to put together the next big thing in agriculture but idk. I'm a food service worker. I'm putting it out there. Meat for example; costs resources that we don't have, but could be produced in sustainable manners as well as with tech innovations we might be able to figure out what assets your company can reuse to make your conglomerate better. You can also, work with lower ranking providers like mom and pop shops, small fry businesses, etc. Lots of possibilities and a huge encompassing and vast, broad view of a massive shadow of potential growth. Sitting under our nose.. idk. Food guy, over here: I make sandwiches for a living and I'm not anything that's special. I believe in mega business as basically the economic tank. I believe in lower ranking economies as support class. Everyone had a role. I might get cancer one day, former pesticides factory worker… either way, I'm nothing special.

  2. Operation Ranchhand ceased with spreading the rainbow herbicides in 71’ , our Vets brought back some vibrant cancer to show for the decade exposure. The hidden influencing ingredient, Dioxin-TCDD, was never revealed to be in the mix. The same company that produced the herbicide then, produces what’s called Roundup now.

  3. *SHOULD MONSANTO PAY FOR THE WORLDS HEALTHCARE*? When the Roundup runs off into your Wells, springs, rivers, ponds, oceans? How long will this poison damage our environment? What percentage of the population has consumed this poison? *Who Paid Who Off To Approve Poisoning the Population?? Should All Profit and Assets of MONSANTO be confiscated and directed towards healthcare? I agree this world is in desperate need of assistance. Have we the people changed the ecosystem?? Yes anyone with eyes to see, ears to hear and willing to accept not deny the damages caused. 
    Who is at fault? Who should be held accountable?? 
    Big Energy Oil, Gas, Coal, Nuclear . When the suppression of green, free, renewable energy for profit of the select few is accepted by the uninformed population. Should the people be made to pay for the cost of cleaning up the damages caused by Profit hungry Corporation's?? 
    We The People of this World have paid and continue paying with not only Our Wealth with but the Health of this Earth!!!
    The Corporation's that have produced these toxic chemicals will as has happened so many times Repaint Their Logo, Change a Name and continue . They may just fold up their tents ..Avoiding Liability!!! 
    In the end the People Pay. 
    Am I responsible as a person who uses these harmful devices, chemicals, technology?? Yes!! I have Knowledge of the damages being caused and will continue Standing Yup, Learning More, and not only informing You but Everyone that can hear or see. We can change this. We Will Correct this NEED FOR GREED and allow Earth to Heal. 
    Our focus should be directed not toward Selfishness, Separatism​ and Greed but towards Unity and Growth!!

  4. Roundup (glyphosate) was originally an INDUSTRIAL BOILER DESCALING AGENT. It was created initially to remove mineral buildup from boilers and heat exchangers. They found out during its use that it kills almost all plants. Monsanto bought it from the original inventors, and repurposed it as a weed killer. That's the truth.

  5. The US patent on Roundup expired in 2000. Farmers use the cheaper Chinese version. Even in garden stores you see that cheaper stuff on the shelf next to the small jugs of Roundup, only suckers buy the brand name.

  6. As a guy that has farmed most of his adult life. . Look the important thing people when dealing w herbicides, is don't drink it, don't inhale it, and if you get it on your skin wash it off. However, if you didn't know this already, read the label before using.

  7. This Fake News just in: The Trump administration is trying to reverse President Obama's moves to protect the environment against pesticides such as Roundup.
    President Trump will soon be making an announcement that Roundup and other Monsanto products such as Agent Orange made America great then so why not now. Although this fake citizen is unclear on his stand on the Vietnam war, he was glad his father's money and connections allowed Donnie to escape from having to serve with the lower class men who had no choice.
    Donnie's military service came at the New York Military Academy. Founded in 1889, the private school was the place Trump's parents shipped him when he began acting up and became a problem. Some 50 years later, Trump would claim that his five years at NYMA gave him more military training than the military could. So of course now he is an expert Fake General.
    He never had to deal with Agent Orange in real time but he is now experimenting with the idea of including Roundup as part of a child's balanced diet. Monsanto had claimed it is safe enough to drink. (No Shit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovKw6YjqSfM It's a gotta watch.}

  8. With all due respect, and I have a lot of respect for the folks who create Ring of Fire, glyphosate is not a replacement for DDT. The first is an herbicide–meant to kill weeds, the latter an insecticide, meant to kill arthropods.

  9. This is so full of shit.

    IARC also classifies the following, for example, under Group 2A:- Androgenic steroids- Art glass, glass containers, and pressed ware (manufacture of)- Biomass fuel (primarily wood), indoor emissions from household combustion of (think fireplaces)- Frying, emissions from high-temperature- Hairdresser or barber (occupational exposure as a)- Red meat (consumption of)- Shiftwork that involves circadian disruption – Very hot beverages at above 65 C (drinking)

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