1. 2 tablespoons of epsom salts every week, and based on genetics less or more according to how the plant shows it needs.
    I have had a plant that still wanted more even though her sisters were not showing and problems.
    Someone stole her half way into flower, just this morning.

  2. Hey I accidentally snapped one of the tops week 3 into flower I’m trying to save it it’s still pulling thro but I just noticed what I’m thinking is a seed pod just under where it snapped but the rest of the plant has nothing similar to it I recently pulled out some plants that turned out males 2 weeks ago

  3. you don,t have to scrape of anything.. every plant has on the beginning of the stem a 2 inches ruff bark and a very distintive line where the smooth bark starts..
    they ruff area will shoot roots without you doing anything..:) ( i hope this make any sence? if not.. sorry..
    i feed a low ppm ( around 200 ppm) calmag and a pinch of epsonsalt.. the plants use more mag and cal under intence ledlight..

  4. Note: I had a seedling that stretched and I planned to bury it deeper when I transplanted to correct it. The stalk hardens off and rots beneath the surface of the soil, its not the same as the lower parts of the stem. Be careful burying your stalks deep in soil, they can rot. I had a 7 foot plant fall right over because it rotted the stuck beneath the soil surface cause I buried it so deep

    Edit: Scraping the side of your stalk before burying it probably helped it become root structure rather than a buried stem

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  6. hey man i'm growing in soil indoors and on the sharp edges of my leaves (not tips) are turning yellow on a few bigger fan leaves any idea what it can be i can send a pic or two on instagram messenger or snapchat ? any help would be awesome thanks nice grow btw

  7. Quick question my plant is in mid veg and the leafs are light green it’s been a over a week now and the leafs are still light green, I watered with ph set to 6 and I put in some floragrow 2tsp and a little extra for good measure but the leafs are still light green I even stripped it to see the new growth color and it’s still light green, I ordered calmag but I’m just a little curious if you’d offer some knowledge for me

  8. I broke a branch once from one of my girls and all I did was just scrape the sides of the stalk exactly like you did and stick it in some soil. Turned into a great clone so that should work.

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