1. I quit smoking about 4.5 years ago, the switch from smoking to vaping was seamlessly easy to be honest, I'm now going to quit vaping, mostly for the fact that we do not know the outcomes of vaping on health, and partially because I heavily dislike the knowledge that I am addicted to something, I think it could possibly not only cause tolerance to nicotine, but also dopamine, meaning, if I reduce the frequency of things that give short bursts of dopamine, then everything else will just seem much more exciting, and I miss that magic of everyday life.

  2. Is there an updated version of this video? As we know now all E-Liquids have to be lab tested and will not included Diacetyl once approved by the FDA and PMTA Certified products. We are putting much research together at Novaium.com, as we advocate for the use and fair regulation of E-Cigarettes and Vaping products. Vaping has helped myself and many others stop using tobacco products.

    This video is from 2015, many new regulations have went into affect to control the Vaping Industry

  3. As long as you are using cannabis to you are using the world's most versatile antiviral, neuroprotectant, organ protectant etc, vaping raw THC/CBD shatter without any additives is one of the safest things to vape. On regards to nicotine, just use tobacco free nicotine pouches/ snus. Or for cannabis just have edibles. Using this way causes much better homeostasis and overall health improvements, especially with terminal cancer and autoimmune disorders. ( Which may actually be due to endocannabinoid deficiency disorder as the EDC is the main regulator for all human bodily functions and slows down/ stops producing endocannabinoids of which are the main defence against most illnesses, meaning using cannabis is merely a supliment no different to vitamin d, your body needs it to function correctly, it also controls the immune system and was proven in 2010 to be the world's most powerful and risk free SARS virus inhibitor, including multiple tests on different coronavirus strains ( also known as the common cold and one of the most common viruses on this earth)

  4. I Don't want tobacco
    I Don't want nicotine
    I Don't want carcinogen
    I Don't want any addition
    I also Don't want to inhale in lungs
    I Don't want any harmful element that will harm my lips,mouth,throat
    I just want to create cloud for bit of coolness
    What is the safest way that i should follow avoiding all harmful effect of vaping…..?????
    Plz answer………

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