1. A white CEO of a cannabis conglomerate getting subsidies for hiring ex cons for low level jobs is not social equity, it's just marketing. Cannabis is big money only at this point and modest income individuals have no chance of opening a cannabis business. For instance, the "social equity" program for dispensaries starting in Arizona has a $25k non-refundable application fee for a lottery with maybe a 1% chance of winning the lottery. Only corporations or very rich people are willing to throw away $25k for a 1% chance…

  2. Thank You, Kevin & Growers Network …. Let's Do A Georgia ATL Franchise & the Business model…. We need the health System Fixed opiates and methamphetamine in Georgia Jailing & Killing .I Do Solar powered my specialty and My contribution Too the Business model….Me Tech gov 3 times Quit 3 Time I Am ready To Work 24 /7 To help No Nuke's Too tech For The People Not Big Corp. Gov.

  3. Interesting all πŸ€”
    Would be more interesting to talk less about economics but more on cultivation and Science…. πŸ€” just an idea… hello from Germany πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈβ˜€οΈ

  4. Who is stopping people of color from getting into the industry??? Is it the same for the vertical integrated system in Florida that allows no one in unless you have tons of money? Last I checked, it blocks everyone out not just people of color.

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