1. I am working on a documentary to end the stigma of substance abuse, specifically about how it affects California residents. We are looking for brave individuals to share their stories. Check out our page for more details.

  2. There is good news for science-based treatments for Alcohol Use Disoder. If you really want to get your drinking under control, but continually relapse – this will help you.
    The Sinclair Method. TEDx talk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EghiY_s2ts&t=41s
    Documentary 'One Little Pill' The Sinclair Method https://www.amazon.com/gp/video/detail/B07NBWMH9D
    Amazing book by Dr. Roy Eskapa PHD on the The Sinclair Method https://tinyurl.com/tseqes3
    “The Sinclair Method … it really made a lot of sense. It’s so beautiful. You don’t have to stop drinking. You don’t have to give up alcohol. The alcohol will give you up. So that is the beauty of this treatment.” Dr. Kshama Metre

  3. this disorder is very confusing and why would it be an isolated disorder and not a phase or a way to fight a disorder for someone. if you take a look at addiction, dependence, susbtance abuse and substance use you'll find out many fall into the category of sustance use. the real issue is the cause and why are people using susbtances. if they are trying to self medicate? or maybe just explore conciousness and their minds in risky ways? what defines the difference between use and abuse? its really subjective and the impairment in the life of the person may be caused by depression and worsened by substance use, which could be an extension of depresion or a consecuence. its as stupid as saying laxants use in people with anorexia. yes, it makes it worse but its a problem, but not THE problem. correct me if i'm wrong but i find it confusing

  4. This video is from 2015, which is quite some time ago. The final statement of "No caffeine use disorder" is false. There are current scholar articles suggesting the you CAN face withdrawal symptoms (though not too extreme of course) for stopping of caffeine use.

  5. Agree with Mark and should the authors offer some credentials. Is this reviewed by a psychologist, psychiatrist, and/or a MD. Is this a high school student, medial student or technician? Says AMAC and Khan Academy but does that satisfy qualification of the material presented being reviewed by a credentialed professional.

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