1. I'm an MS warrior and I use cannabis daily… Idk what I would do without it! I'm fully disabled and I suffer from anxiety, depression, severe pain, muscle spasms and rigidity, not to mention I have a left foot drop and walk with a cane… I use it for all of these things especially sleep! It's my miracle that I can get some quality of life! I'm on 11 different medications and none of them compare to what cannabis does for me!

  2. It can worsen anxiety ? really i find that hard to believe, my next door neighbour has MS and is the most anxious human i've ever met there is no way if she took CBD oil instead of 30 prescription drugs she'd be more anxious. Heavy metal contamination on cannabis plants, hmmmm who is spraying chemicals on cannabis ? Most growers are organic, who would smoke sprayed cannabis

  3. I am sure we can all agree that we are willing to take our chances on the "contamination" of cannabis. After all, how often has mold been found in the bottles of over the counter medications over the years? Let's get real data!

  4. Yes! This is super important information. Even though some of it is a bit depressing, "deficiencies" in the plant-based therapies, it is already helping so many people, and I'm sure that scientific research will produce standardized helpful medicines! Thank you MS World!

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