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  2. I work in a CBD shop and CBD is definitely popular and has exploded is the last few years. My only concern with this would be that CBD now a days in like bringing sand to a beach. Kind of like how there is a vape shop on every coroner of every town now a days. We have at least 10 calls a day from different CBD companies trying to get their product in our store. This is a VERY over saturated market. Yeah the Amazon deal helps make them stick out. But I am still concerned because there are plenty of CBD sites you can order from. We have literally over 50 brands of CBD in our shop alone. With my experience there are very few people that care about organic and I’m in Austin. If anyone wants organic Austin is going to be the place. Most people care about price. We have organic CBD products and they barley sell. But we have a brand called Mill Springs and they have a 5000mg CBD tincture for $75 which is an unheard of price. Almost everyone goes for that. So I’m not quite sure this is going to be that successful of a company.

  3. Amazon means nothing. anybody can sell on amazon but of course they need certificates and stuff for selling cbd on amazon. I was a amazon sellers so i know how easy it is selling on amazon and it does bring a lot of eyes to your product but doesnt mean its going to explode.

  4. So hopefully it works out in the US better than it did in Canada. The way it did exactly what the government didn’t want to happen. Now everyone either buys tax free at the reserves or buys from dealers. Personally will be staying away from this unless a big pump and dump happens. It’s one thing to know how stocks work but it’s another to realize that just because someone legalized something, they don’t have to buy into it at a highly inflated price.

  5. Come do some research on SSFT it's the best OTC stock out there for the price. Only trades at .32 cents and has contracts with Google, Fidelity, Nvidia and a slew of others not to mention 13 million in revs. already just patented their I.P. Wich is a game changer, due your own DD but I'm telling u for the price this is a 20x bagger easy, 5 to 10 dollars near term who knows long term

  6. Yeah I think this company is a solid play. I've had a position in them and doubled my position when the Amazon news came out. The change in AZ law was a real catalyst for them plus they have numerous products which is really cool. It's just not weed or medical weed… It's everything from creams to gummies, etc.

  7. Insightful Video. I was really hopeful of my investments this year, but all my plans has been disoriented, I've been studying the market crashes and I realized some investors made millions from the recent 2008 recession and I was wondering if such success rate could be achieved in this present market

  8. You need to take a look at Sun Hydrogen symbol HYSR. They will revolutionize the Hydrogen game. In fact when they go commercial PLUG will become Obsolete. No Carbon 100% green Hydrogen. Do some DD. This will be a millionaire maker. I have has since June at 3 cents a share. No Fossil Fuels for Hydrogen with HYSR. Water and any water even waste water along with sun will produce Hydrogen. They are having a German company engineer their station as we speak. The be on standby for mass production.

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