1. When I hear the word "acquire" this tells me they are not established the business model sounds good BUT they don't even have real estate or a management team….this sounds like a easy pump and dump….i am not a financial advisor just be cautious

  2. Nice video!! Very engaging from beginning to end. Nevertheless, businesses and investment are the easiest way to make money irrespective of which party makes it to the oval office.

  3. Well analyzed as always. I've seen a lot of newbies enquire as to whether or not it is too late to buy cryptos especially BTC, ETH, litecoin and maybe XRP…most having the intention to hodl these assets. though analysts have noted that BTC and ETH are set for big wins this year, a major surge is in place, though I must say trading offers far more benefits than just holding, for one it is never too late to buy an asset when you are trading, a good trader or a trader working with good signals and trade indicators can make for greater gains and even accumulate more cryptos. Over the space of 3 months trading I've been able to accumulate about 120k(usd) worth of btc, trading with crypto mileage. Signals from crypto mileage's provides better profits than any I have tried. You can easily get in contact on tele; gram @masonlucas12 and what; sapp + 1 254 632 8135 for crypto related issues and enquiry into profitable tradn system''

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