1. How can you be a CEO and say " UHHH " that many times ? Put your money into APHA since it will get the boost from the merger. Low 20s is good now- but the merger will push APHA up and create a support in the low 30 range.

  2. Everyone is focusing on the Canadian pot companies but once it is fully legalized, U.S. companies will eat their lunch.. Do you really think with U.S. being the largest POT market in the world we are going to allow foreign companies to take over a multi billion dollar industry in our own back yards I dont think so … Look into Planet 13 and MEDMEN not only do they have a large footprint in multiple states they have brand recognition…

  3. Most of the Canadian weed stocks will come back down like gamestop
    CURALEAF Truilieve growth generation the only weed companies i will ever invest in for now oh yeah amd weedmaps sspk

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