1. Wonderful interview. Thanks for letting Dr. Hanson speak at length, without interruption. When he’s on TV, he’s lucky to get 2 minutes and usually gets cut off by a hard break. He’s such a great historian. Love hearing him here.

  2. Most acquitted President in history. It’s easy to refute this BS when all you have to say is innocent until proven guilty and that the defense failed to make their case, twice.

  3. VDH the conservative brain!" Be wise as serpents, but gentle as doves"—-Christian Disciples☆No man can serve two masters.God Save Our Republic☆☆☆LWers are anti-Christ, and the 666 beast is rising out of Sheol.Compare to—-"Lo He comes, in clouds, descending"☆

  4. The dems said ahead of time that anything goes to beat Trump. They were successful, the election is over and they won. There will be another election and republicans can not play nice. It is all out war

  5. The Russian dictator – Stalin, one of the evilest people that ever lived – did say one very true thing it doesn't matter who votes it only matters who counts the votes. Trump does not need more votes he already has way more than enough. He just needs an honest vote count I hope that can be achieved in 2024!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Two things largely unmentioned are the incredible power of the oligarchs, and whether that is a force that can put a finger on the scale against any restoration of normalcy. He did go through all the institutions that have flipped including the military.

    The other thing is the idea that there is a left and a right, and that there is a republican party that will restore balance and counter the left. It is a class war, and the republicans are not on the side of conservatives or Americans, it is establishment pro globalism, and against the US people. When Clinton moved the Ds towards the republicans, it was largely seen simply as a cynical means of gaining power through "triangulation". But what has happened is there is only one main political party.

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