1. In Oregon the cops around PDX donโ€™t give a fuck! We have so many urban campers and Zombies they canโ€™t even keep up with the cartels!! When Jeff Sessions made his threats our chief of the state police went on air and said go fuck yourself we are waisting zero resources on busting cannabis users or dispensaries and all that!!

  2. I have been advised by my lawyer to NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES TALK TO A COP.
    Say nothing, Answer nothing.
    The only thing I say is โ€œturn your camera on and am I under arrest?โ€
    If they say no.
    I politely excuse myself, and walk away.
    A good cop understands the consequences of wrongful arrest.

  3. Scotty the strain Local H is a homage to the band. I used to hang with them back in the day so I'm stoked to see it. Also I'm a HUGE proponent of Duke Diamond's work. The ball lightning meme was me btw way. Whoops!

  4. โ€˜ straight from the horses mouthโ€™ comes from back when people would look at a horse in the mouth before they bought it to make sure it was in good health. Itโ€™s a similar origin to โ€œnever look a gift horse in the mouthโ€

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