1. $FIRE is exciting too. Sub- 40 cents. The CEO Beena has a good head on her shoulders, and comes from a packaging background at Hain Celestial. They've also got some cool products, one of which is the super popular Ice Cream Cake.

  2. Thanks for looking at this one! It's great to see others share the enthusiasm of the upside Indiva can bring. Anticipating a great Q4 in the coming weeks. Have been a holder of Indiva and a few others for several months now. Now with a clean balance sheet, I agree that there is lots of upside potential.

  3. I think this will get bigger when they allow more thc per gummie as well. Right now its 10% max per pack. For us old school guys, that 1 pack doesnt do alot. I have tried them and they are delicious. The bang chocolate is very tasty as well. So i do like there strategy, in getting very tasty edibles. The chocolate is about $4.20 a bar and the gummies are about $7. So i think the price could drop on the gummies as well, and this might happen after there new machines they have invested into make things at a higher production to lower cost hopefully.

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