1. 10k shares @.33 cents. Sadly I bought when it was at .19 cents but I only bought 3000 shares and then i bought the rest at a higher price. Waiting til zom hits 400 a share in 10-15 years

  2. I was day trading ZOM in January and early February then locked in at $1.60 for a longer hold. I did put a 10% trailing stop loss it so the buy the rumor sell the news factor. If the trailing stop loss kicks in on the release I will wait until there is some actual results from sales to buy again for the long term. I am very bullish on all MJ stocks and will continue to hold SNDL hoping the Dems keep their promise of reclassifying it.

  3. Sold my entire position in ZOM weeks ago at $2.40 with an average share price of 76 cents . I'm a firm believer that the price of Truforma is already priced in, everyone, including the Wall Street suits have known about it for months now. Going to be a lot of bagholders here come April 1st.

  4. I had 2350 shares when it was around fifty cents. I sold off and went into nio. With its current price I would of made 5k. If it reaches 10 dollars. I would make 18k. I currently only have 300 shares. I may buy a few hundred more shares on Monday.

  5. I doubt there's gonna be a flop in truforma because they've been working on this device for a while now, but of course it is a possibility nothing is 100% its a risk you have to decide to make on your own.

  6. I think it all depends on the bond yields right now. I'd love to ride up the anticipation rally but I'm kind of thinking the 10 year is going to spike further and cause an overall selloff.

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