1. Hey Kevin you should do an update on GRNBF. I didn’t have Fidelity at the time but it sounded good when you did a video on it. Now it’s doubled. Does it still seem like a good buy? I think it does but a breakdown would be cool. One of your sponsored videos that hit a home run. 👍

  2. Would love if you did a video on the highly undervalued AI Cybersecurity stock trading at $0.94 CYRN. I cant wait til it explodes so i can say I told you so. Cuz I did. Yall should have bought it.

  3. IMO – Over Valued for a bottling company. CBD drinks are the future however these companies already exist. id look for a company with a strong US foundation. Any company in canada is pre set to loose vs a US based company. Our laws are different and more strict all around causing start ups to struggle. Its unfortunate but true.

  4. Sellout you can't trust anything sponsored how can u say your opinion is not bias. I appreciate the disclosure but if you can't offer a proper bear case it's hard to have conviction based off all the facts.

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