1. So, for anxiety is it better to have fewer drops and less Mg CBD concentration? For example, instead of 1000 Mg per bottle, will be better 300 mg and only a few drops a day?

  2. I’ve taken an opioid (ultram) for years. I have spinal tumors that affect nerves. I am slowly trying to get off this drug. I have lots of pain. Could I take CBD to help with my pain and would it help with withdrawal symptoms. Could I take CBD while I’m getting off the drug

  3. Amazing. I am new to CBD, just starting and been watching many many vids about already. You have the best video and best personality of all.
    I am clicking subscribe and taking a look to your website.

  4. I bought CBD oil from Bed Bath& Beyond. It's called Sparoom Broad Spectrum Nano Enhanced Water Soluble CBD Oil. I've been rubbing it on my neck and lower back. I do feel I've noticed a difference in pain. The only thing is that this product doesn't come with any directions. It just says you can add it to a diffuser , you can apply it to skin, but it doesn't mention anything about putting drops in your mouth. I did taste it and it's really gross. I went on the website and there isn't a phone number. I hope I bought the right CBD oil.

  5. Ok, Ok, Ok. You must speak slower! Many patients have had strokes that affects their ability to use and understand language. If you slow your speak, you will get your language to become more informative.

  6. Could you PLEASE tell me what kind and Form to get, since I have a full ileostomy, which means no absorption of any fat-soluble things. I would need CBD oil for inflammatory pain in remaining small intestine and for related anxiety? Thank you

  7. Great info. Very well spoken. Slow speakers can be a pain. We cured fibromyalgia after reading The Plant Paradox about plant poisons called lectins. We eliminated whole grains and brown rice and it disappeared after dealing with it for two decades and seeing many doctors.

  8. >^..^< Catherine, My CBD Dry Mouth Problem FYI
    I put 0.75ml in the bottom of a drinking glass n poured a tiny bit of milk in
    than poured it all into the back of my throat n swallowed immediately.
    I will try and remember to let you know tomorrow if it worked or not…….

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