1. I should have stopped the first time I had allergy symptoms. I wish I would have now….I decided to try some gummies for a week, because that's what people suggested to me, and at the end of the week I ended up having to use multiple epi pens, and I went to the ER and was given Benadryl through an IV and was prescribed Prednisone….I have mast cell activation disorder, so my reactions can be severe and my symptoms seem to last forever. I had mild allergy symptoms when I smoked it (and it was my first time), but then when I tried the gummies my reaction was much worse. If anyone has any allergy symptoms when they try marijuana, please listen to the doctors' advice and stop using it! Your next reaction could be severe, and it can happen even if you've only been using marijuana for a week! This was so unexpected. I was not expecting to have a reaction the first time I tried it or to have a severe reaction after only using it for a week, but I did.

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