1. Quick question, I eat two 500mcg packs of THC gummies in one sitting, the most that happens is I get a slight headache and if I eat a third one (up to 1500mcg in one sitting), I just feel a little sluggish the next day. Barely do I ever feel much off of edibles, do you know why that is?
    I tried eating them on an empty stomach many times before too, with no different outcome.

  2. Damn handled that like a G, should do 2000mg, I remember eating that much thinking it was only 200mg. Straight blasted outta my mind. Does this brand sell other edibles to avoid the stomach issues cause most syrups are known to cause that if you have a lot. Mixing up the edibles would allow you to ingest more without getting so sick. Keep up the dope ass content G.

  3. I am soooooooo glad I live in a state where pot is legal. I can't smoke it (bad asthma) but I definitely eat it. And, if I can find THC syrup here in the Seattle area, I'd love to try that. I'm high now. Ha ha.

  4. The fact the bottles don’t have a seal on them bothers me. Sounds like a great product but I need to know it’s legit with a seal. Anybody can buy bottles and put labels on them in the streets. That’s dangerous and a scary thought

  5. Hahahaha poped a whitey day after 🤣🤣🤣…
    I done 1000mlg called Man down u are still high next day for sure but was beautiful 😁….be warned excessive use may give u the slight shits

  6. Today My dad ate a tray of 25 brownies I told him not to eat (2500mg) hes in his mid 50s and hasnt smoked a joint since 20. Im hoping he doesnt loose his shit on me

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