1. Big up Jen yes it does this episode is a stark reality to many of us in the fitness industry, I struggle with the Instagram reality and the actual reality In our communities dealing with obesity and the acceptance of it as a norm…

  2. Crime , obesity and the overweight epidemic are excellent for the economy and provide great paying jobs and careers. Fat shaming in general work's as a last- ditch device , since it's not illegal to inflict harm to your self.

  3. As a kid growing up fat, I was picked on and pushed around. You either fight or loose! Took up bodybuilding at 14 years old, because of my fatness. 41 years later, still killing the iron in the gym, will never be that fat kid again, why? I knew why I was fat, bad food, lazy, lack of self discipline! Fuck That! If your fat, start with something, and watch what happens to your body and most important…. your mind!

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