1. Brother the wateri twice methods is for small pots with a lot of airation , you have to pick your pot up to feel the weight prior to watering ans after and get a good feel , the rev grows in 2.5 gallon pots to flower in if you read the book front to back . But I feel you got some of the concept but don’t just blindly do something that doesn’t seem logical to your particular situation .
    I use the. Book religiously and get fantastic results , my finish pot size is 3-4 gallon , and the only time I have to water twice is in 1 gal and under sized pots . Try again , you need more blood and bone . Azomite and gypsome and something with high cancium , not just a could shells brother , but I think you have the right idea , keep building your soil , just add more aeration , possible lava rock is a good option for you but the amount of perlite you added I add to 10 Gal of tlo soil

  2. It is very important to lift your growing container to allow proper drainage and ventilation. It is also crucial to match the size of the container to the size of the plant so that it uses all the water before becoming waterlogged. Aerated water is good to use with every watering.

  3. I'm not hating on you here. I just expect more from a self labeled engineer. Surely you understand that with the exception of some N that results as a byproduct of refining oil… That "chemical" salts/fertilizers (what organic growers label as man-made or bottled nutes), are derived from natural, organic sources, yes? Here's a cool video about the sourcing of natural K/Potassium for a HUGE percentage of the world. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMDJA4UvXLA

    Edit: You ARE aware: that you require the proper bacteria in the soil to convert your "organic" fertilizer into the actual food the plants can uptake. Edit: But are you aware that those converted elements are the same elements as "chemical" salts/fertilizers/man-made/bottled nutes? If they're the same elements, how can one be organic and the other isn't?

  4. what's the philosophy behind watering twice? I may be missing something but i dont see why and am not at all surprised that the plant wilted a little. Are you sure the leaves curling is from the 2nd watering? It looks like typical heat stress. Apart from that it's going well and am keen to see how it turns out. A lot of effort put in, nice one.
    Gosh those Tucson wallabies are cute arent they 🙂

  5. Also having both female and male parts means its a hermie so that will for sure mean you will have seedy buds. usually a good idea to start with high end genetics to avoid that, plus ive heard people say it can be casued from stress such as light leaks… plus the pollen can last for future grows unless the tent or room has been cleaned through out. just a fyi! happy growing

  6. I always use organic nutrients, there is alot you can get from the stores that are all organic. i use a mix of fox farms happy frog soil, with gaia greens dry amendments, (all purpose and power bloom, plus some worm castings)

  7. Cant wait for part 2, being an auto better to leave the light cycle at 18/6 or sometimes even 20/4 the leaves curling up could be heat or humidity, but there are also deficiencies that can cause same the issue

    Those tucson rabbits look like the ones we have here in BC

  8. Youll never look back I made the switch to Dr earth but was paying 25£ for what cost 10£ but 15 in shipping, I know use Dr forest organic food but ive also 2 big compost bins, I disnt add castings I bought worms, was that blood n bone mix OMRI listed. Another thing I do is keeo eggshells then add them in the oven till then go brown and you see the calcium appear in the cracks on the shell, then grind it down to a fine powder and add that, I wish much success, I love how you're including your children, we need to educate the next generation, much love n respect from the UK
    Stay safe 🙏

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