1. This lets everyone know where the Biden administration stands on the issue of marijuana. Old man still has refer madness and hasn't learned a thing about how most Americans feel about marijuana use.

  2. This is what Mao did in China. He told intellectuals and journalists they would be forgiven if they came forward and give their free and open opinions. After gathering their names in a list, they were all arrested, jailed or executed. Soviet socialists did the same. Seems to be a common pattern.

  3. Watch the whistle blowers come out of all this, out of the 5, 1 or Two will have bomb shell of a story in the biden administration . People never learn never burn your lower level grunts they always have dirt on you. Watch Watch cards fall down. Takes one pissed off person to spill the beans

  4. You all likely voted for Biden, you all get exactly what you deserve, Trump wasn’t perfect but he would have left these people alone as he had bigger things to care about.

  5. Democrats stand for freedoms and more liberal views. Marijuana should be legal in this country.
    It’s a plant. It has medicinal properties.
    It’s safer than alcohol and many pain pills people are addicted to.
    Most drugs come from plants.
    Why don’t we outlaw agave and say goodbye to tequila. Why don’t we outlaw coffee beans because they have caffeine that makes people edgy when they don’t drink it.
    Why don’t we outlaw hops and say goodbye to beer?
    Why don’t we outlaw grapes and say goodbye to wine.
    Many people are in jail for weed offenses that are ridiculous.
    Most states are making it legal it’s time for the country to be United change the laws that make no sense.
    Let the staffers stay.🙏🤷🏻‍♂️🙈

  6. Harris says she smoked pot. Write her up, get her out the door. This is going to go down as the biggest White House joke of the century. A bunch of clutzes.

  7. The employees who admitted smoking pot in the past answered honestly, the ones who lied still have jobs. Seems the Biden administration is looking for deceivers to be employed by the White House.

  8. hey bro i like the videos do u know how we are to deal with the thc cap? i have aiments that are controlled by thc and i was in horrible shape without thc. your smart any advice on what to do? thanks brother

  9. I mean what did they really expect to happen? When you admit to using something illegal to a bunch of politicians you’re gonna get fired 😂 plus why would you even trust politicians in the first place? If you’re in that line of work I wouldn’t personally admit to using because it’s federally illegal

  10. Biden was and is a old democrat, not a progressive
    I voted him in to replace trump knowing he was not the best candidate, only the only sane one that remained.
    Another progressive agenda item kicked to the curb, I did expect better.
    in 2024 Harris will have a hard time getting progressive and independent votes if they continue to blow off progressives.
    As I recall Washington DC has legal recreational marijuana so what is the issue.
    If it's performance, let them go for that reason, otherwise stay out of their life!

  11. Ya'll need to have those staffers on your shows. Tom's too since he is the cannabis lawyers.
    Call them out for what they did to them. Needs Alot of exposure.

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