1. Legalized heroin is called METHADONE. And what Dr. Hart was saying is that it is safer to take legalized heroin than the vicious poison that is found on the street. And BTW, he stated that he stopped using heroin 2 years ago because he did not want to become addicted. His approach is all about safety. Heroin is legal in Oregan because that is the only way they can keep white folks out of jail. It's about white people and white people only, so don't get it twisted

  2. I saw Dr Hart on another show, and it would be wise that everyone listen to his side of the story, before judging, or at least read his book. He is a Neuroscientist, and you actually don't have to be a scientist to understand what he was saying. He was not promoting drug use. He was promoting safety

  3. Naomi Campbell she is the symbolism that represent a career the face of black women end of black people in general it has to be the case that she was tokenized + symbolise

  4. Look what happened to this famous black people these entertainers that we enjoyed their music they're acting and they're modeling like Naomi Campbell I heard that she is in the of Jeffrey Epstein and Glenn Maxwell I heard that she helped the sex offenders probably it's a rumor but there has to be some truth to it

  5. What happened to all of the Just Say No campaigns? Look at all of these young rappers who have overdosed on opioids. They are targeting the youth, promoting them to be zombies with no critical thinking skills in society.

  6. Who will benefit from the sale of heroin in our communities. How does a child benefit from seeing their parent nod out and unavailable to them. The poor in our communities that are suffering from the effects of poverty are going to be sacrificed to the pushers of this drug. It will be devastating.

  7. It's so sad to hear this. Many are called, but the chosen shall be minutely few. Wake up black ppl…B1. Stop the twerking and be. B1!

  8. Wait! This professor was just in the CRACK documentary on Netflix. Explaining how crack works scientifically and how it tore thru the black community. He knows the devastation first hand and now this. I’m confused. I can only think he wants it to be legal in order to stop the criminalization.

  9. They want us to be so doped up so we want demand our reparations and demand the real agenda for Black people. We are tired of being quiet and passive . Our agenda is equal economic. The prison system. But his and their agenda is to take us off track because like when they brought the crack era to continue our growth but remember white race is being depleted and overtaken by people of color.
    See if we are distracted they can push our agenda by changing laws taking away rights etc. And freeing more white people. Also the big money market growth. When the US brought in crack the government needed that extra money to fill the deficient at the expense of black people.

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