1. I can’t wait!!! Got some magic melon clones planted today n am finally growing again also running ethos mac n jack (mac1 x Jack here’s and elev8 sweet n slow ( sundae driver x runtz ) love the knowledge y’all share and will be implemented in my routine

  2. I’m sorry but until y’all fix your audio I’m not listening. Rob is too quiet. And Trey‘s voice is fine when he’s normally talking but when he has to cough or say something loudly, it’s unbearable. It’s about balancing the audio not just adjusting the volume. Look up some tutorials on YouTube on how to BALANCE the audio. So that we can both hear what you’re saying when you talk softly but not make your ears bleed when you laugh hard, cough, or shout. There is software out there that does this automatically.

  3. I popped 12 seeds got 6 males I put them outside and I run my lights at night and this one male is a trooper still looks beautiful hate to cut it down it would be great for breeding

  4. Why do stoners always use the worst descriptions of smells to describe some of the best stuff?

    Like you say you like that nasty. And when it is super skunky i say it smell like a dead skunks ass but love it it just means it SSSTTTAAANNNKKK!!!

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