1. This has probably been one of the most important Closer Look segments that Seth has ever made.

    Please send this to everyone you know who is not already aware of the gravity of the problem that republicans are trying to create.

  2. McConnell and Republicans have been "scorched earth" since Reagan. It is nothing new. Look at what they said and did under Obama. They promised to do NOTHING under Obama that Obama/Dems wanted — and that is exactly what they did. They are going to be scorched earth whether we change the filibuster or not. #EndTheFilibuster

  3. Saying GOP scorched the senate. And saying exactly what dems did during Trump. Lol. Really? And add Congress who impeached him for political points and weaponized impeachment. Lol. Stop I can't laugh anymore. Ur show was finally marked.

  4. I love how when he goes over GOP new laws they want in detail. Deliberately fucking up so u r scared. Then he spend 4seconds literally! For the main democrats new laws which he has to do because if he actually went over them no one would want it and u would realize dems r theist corrupt party we have. Let's have those felony prisoner vote. Let's make it so that u don't have to register to vote before hand. Now u can just walk in ( no ID) and say a name and boom on the spot vote. They want 16 yr Olds to vote lol ( straight up because this is about getting democrat votes for the rest of eternity and the think thank that came up with all these did the math on 16 yr Olds and they vote blue by large numbers. When they get older, more mature, wiser etc they vote red lol. That's all u need to know

  5. People keep saying that we need to work with the Republicans, but how do you work with a group of people who are one quarter crazy, one quarter liars, one quarter cheaters and one quarter thieves? That's a whole lot of hell NO!!!!!

  6. Democrats are too neat,they should devellop thesame dirty tricks as the Republicans. Republicans are openly criminals and liars. The democrats are playing mister nice, give the MF hell and fight them whenever you can with all means available.

  7. How in the hell did they let these crooked republicans get to this point on voting? If they don’t put a halt to the destruction of America we won’t have a free country to live in, and when the country goes to hell in a hand basket the republicans will play the blame game once again for something they did, because we all know they don’t take responsibility like their idol.

  8. We need sweeping changes..republicans r delivering large plate of nothing…..time to head home to graham, mcconnell, inhoff…the list of know it all conservatives who r going to soon b swept out to sea in a ship of lies 👁️🌈👁️

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