1. Whew.. talk about stress! I'm the stress 👸🏻 for sure! My husband says I stress over something new everyday… while still stressing over the previous day's stress subject..😂🙋🏻‍♀️ Yep, so thank you Abby for sharing this video! I'm new to YouTube beauty videos and some others, but I've been nervous my entire life (victim of circumstance) but at age 5 I was put on valium!! In the hospital… long story. But life is lonely and stressful for me daily. Not everyone understands and I'm not sharing my life story with everyone, so I'm judged even more. Idc.. I'm still being treated for anxiety, stress and well.. life these days. I just got reamed 3X in a row on 2 accounts, for ordering a $5.95 "SAMPLE" of some CBD oil i seen advertised! Ugh.. they sent the CBD oil, CBD pain relieve cream, and CBD nighttime oil (melatonin) and charged me $98 and $87 THREE TIMES! So lesson learned! I seriously read about the crap for hours before deciding to try the sample of the CBD oil ONLY for the shipping price. Now I'm not sure if I even wanna try it! It's peppermint also by LEVEL 10… if you've heard of it, please lmk. This Jupiter sounds amazing. I would love to not depend on regular benzodyazapines just to feel normal in my own skin. Much love Abby. Good to watch your channel. 💕 Carol

  2. So glad you found something that may be helping you. I have eczema, but it only breaks out on my hands in recent years. I'm going to think about trying this.

  3. I really need CBD back in my life. I couldn't afford to keep my subscription and didn't think I'd notice a huge difference…but I do. My anxiety is bad without it.
    When I have an income again I need to check this out. It sounds amazing 💜💜💜

    Thanks so much for sharing 💜💜💜

  4. I think it's the CBD oil helping your skin 🤩 that's awesome!! I hope it clears it up enough to where you feel confident going to the beach in shorts or bathing suit instead of leggings 😁🤗❤

  5. I have a dog that has massive separation anxiety when someone leaves, no matter who is still home. CBD helps him so much. I am lucky though and get it for free since my son works at a Dispensary.

  6. This is great Abby! I'm really happy for you that you found something that works to clear up your psoriasis. If I had the money I might try it for my pain but at that price, there's just no way I can manage it.
    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
    Big hugs and much love, Kara

  7. I have just about the same problem you do with feeling self-conscious about my skin. I won't wear shorts because of it. I can't wait to hear about the full review.

  8. I'm.so glad to hear you are getting some relief cause deserve to feel amazing as the person as you are my heart felt so good to hear you say that you haven't a flare up & I will continue on sending prayers & good vibes your way, I'm gonna be looking into this.products hopefully if I can afford it I take low cost oils now but not making a lot of difference for me & I need some relief yesterday so it sounds like paying more for something better I can't wait for your review thank you for sharing your thoughts I appreciate you 🤗🤗 be safe always.😍🤗

  9. Thank you for posting this. My husband has psoriasis. I’m going to get this for him to try. The shutdown has caused him a lot of stress so it’s been flaring up a lot.

  10. I would love to know I also have psoriasis on my legs my arms I've been going to the tanning bed to help with mine but that's not good for me would love to know if this works I'll definitely will be following have a good day..

  11. Have you tried using the cbd oil topically, on effected areas? Im not sure If it would be as effective that way when it comes to psoriasis, but when I have neck pain, joint pain, headaches etc In addition to using it orally, I massage some on the area and it helps with inflammation and pain.

  12. Hi Abby, I'd really like to know about this product. My friend suffers from anxiety and psoriasis very badly. She has it all over her body and in her eyes and ears! I would love to know if this helps, so that she may get some relief.

  13. I’ve had two plantars warts on the bottom of my foot for about 20 years and I started taking cbd oil every day and they’re gone! I thought it couldn’t be the cbd so I googled it and it sure does help with warts! This stuff is amazing!

  14. My daughter has anxiety and takes medication for it, I’m going to talk with her to see if she wants to do cbd I’m sick of these pharmaceuticals I want something more natural, she’s 19 and I don’t want her depending on that for the rest of her life! And of course when I spoke to her doctor about cbd his first response was there’s not enough research on it, I just think he don’t want his patients taking something natural and they all lose money!

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