1. I'd like to see a crossover like this between eddie and a mma fighter (maybe some other fighting sport). Would be interesting to see how they handle each other's training regimen.

  2. LOL you can claim it GOES VERY WRONG for him but at least he didn't do what I did in my video 1-arm deadlifting 150 lbs. 2 45's and 2 30 lb. stacked dumbbells. There's a few of them but the one that broke the camels back that gave a hernia that's pretty much guaranteed I'll never have any desire to do another deadlift again because I'm not interested in the hernia starting to possibly to hurt is the one where I do 5 reps LOL can't get more wrong than that YAY I WIN! 😛

  3. Nile turned three shades of green but kudos on the deadlift Niles. Twice body weight is great, especially for someone that's never done a deadlift before. Good job.

  4. Smelling salts are crazy it locks up your whole diaphram a friend of mine got hit in the head and had a concussion we were worried about him passing out so my dad tells me go in the bathroom 1st aid kit and get a smelling salt packet one of the ones you break and i wanted to be sure i got the right thing and I sniffed it and oh my god I couldnt even yell for help I had climbed on a wash machine to reach them and promptly fell off lol scared the life out of me I have never messed with them since that day…

  5. Hello eddie hope you are well.i have been following along really since you became active on your channel.i habe been watching some boxing footage and wanted to say that you should work on clinch methods like making him carry your weight will wear on him quickly.once he takes a shot or two he isn't going to like it and his instinct will be to grab and clinch with you.alot of boxers dont talk about the clinch game and there are methods to it that are very important for any fighter to learn so you can counter what there doing or even just understand whats happening.

  6. Eddie Hall is my greatest big inspiration in life. His motivation helps me battle my suicidal and depression. Ive learned to him that never give up in life trust in yourself. Everyday i watch Eddie Halls vids that keep me strong. Thank you so much Eddie
    Strongest Man ever in the World ❤❤❤
    Im a big fan of you Sir

  7. I used smelling salts for the first time on my 3rd attempt on deadlifts at a competition.I didn't closed my eyes and smelled it from a couple of inches away,felt like a mule kicked me in the chest 😂😂😂

  8. Eddie I’ve watched all your videos on here and I’ve watched every year you was doing strong man ngl I would actually love to spend a day with you and paddy I know it won’t happen but just to try strong man for a day would be a dream come true your an absolute inspiration to me

  9. Eddie, is playing his cards very close to his chest. Thor and his fans really are in for a shock I believe… Eddie, is making calculated steps towards his goal, but in Thor, I just see power behind every punch, even if the punch doesn't connect. Even a professional boxer will run out of steam very quickly doing that.

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