1. High Carb Hannah has an oil free vegan instant pot e-cookbook. It also includes charts for cooking times for different foods. It was probably one of the first vegan cookbooks I got, and I still use it for reference.

  2. Dr Davis if you ever accept Medicare Advantage please let us know. Thank you for this inormative interview with Dr Davis and I made the recipe which is absolutely delicious! Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Dr. Davis said "Plant Based TeleHealth has Dr. Klaper as part of Plant Based TeleHealth, which is amazing!." How is that "amazing"? Dr. Klaper is the co-founder of Plant Based TeleHealth. Too cute by half? On a lighter note, sous chefs jobs everywhere are secure based on how slowly Dr. Davis peels sweet potatoes. 🙂 "Looking for food is fun!

  4. Thank you for the great info! I am conducting research on food deserts and want to add the point of including access to HEALTHY food. I will check out the plant based Utah website.

  5. Dr Davis is such a delight 🙂 what a delicious-sounding & looking recipe too! Great all the things she is doing 🙂 looking forward to all the anniversary shows ^^ and all the other ones, too 😀 thank you Chef AJ, you have really given me a lot of comfort and company during this year <3

  6. There are more and more studies showing strong correlations between low vitamin D levels and increased risk for contracting and dying from COVID 19. Checking vitamin D levels can guide therapy with vitamin D supplements.

  7. We have an orthopedic surgeon in Jacksonville Florida, Dr Stephen Esser who also teaches whole food plant based lifestyle. He holds free monthly seminars. He will also see you in his orthopedic office for a plant based diet visit for a small fee.

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