1. If these thesis led investments can take years even decades to play out. How do you avoid being too early which some equate to being wrong. Is there a right time to buy in

  2. Thanks for the lack of clickbaity material. That stuff fills up my suggested videos and it makes me distrust the information.

    Can you share which theses you personally aren't convinced by and why?

  3. These days it can be a challenge to hold true to ones plan. Alex does a great job of keeping conviction levels high for positions that we've worked hard to vet! Valuable to hear this Alex! Thanks!

  4. BFT is scaring me..
    KERN i've locked it away under my staircase like harry potter hopefully it breaks out the same way..

    also can you PLEASE do a video on USWS it falls under what you bring up in this video for sure

  5. Hi Alex. Great contant as always. Just a small silly note: it looks like you're reading a prepared text, but you're not looking at the camera in front of you… Can you adjust it somehow… 🙂 ? Not a great deal of course.

  6. Another brilliant video Alex, you managed to put into words my own approach to investing that I'd never really verbalised before.

    It's the exact approach I'm taking to investing in the New Space sector. I believe in the long-term growth of the market and while I expect there will be ups and downs, I still see it as an area for long-term returns. Interestingly the way you talked about BluRay/HDD is the exact way I think about two SPACs in that market: VACQ/HOL. The former (Rocket Lab) actually has a proven track record of success and a viable growth strategy, whilst the second (Astra) may survive but I have a hard time seeing it become dominant.

    Always important to remember that even if you have a thesis for sector growth, that doesn't mean all companies in that sector will see the same success or have long-term viability.

  7. Hi Alex, i am a new investor and I am struggling to learn how to do a fundamental analysis on stocks, could you make a video on this to help new long term investors. P.S love the videos, very underrated channel.

  8. Good thesis. I have GNOG and FST as covid recovery play. We have chatted about this before. There are so many pot stocks. I just see a bubble as EV stocks. Still sitting on sidelines for both.

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